Positive Reflection

My most impactful experience from the fellowship is “Goal setting”. Getting the opportunity to summarize my goals in written form offers the biggest impact on me. It allows me to be more specific toward my goal achievement. Goal-setting specified my thoughts and helped to get my action aligned for these. If I have not done this activity, without clear goals, I can become confused and unfocused. It helps me manage my time, energy and focus better. Now, having my SMART goals allows me to focus only on what is important for success. And with my SMARTER goals I can measure my progress, critically evaluate myself and make improvements.

The reason this experience had the most impact on me is, it helped me find purpose in my life to make it meaningful and provided me with a sense of satisfaction. When I was doing this activity it not only gave me motivation but also developed positivity because through a positive approach one can keep going forward. A positive mindset helps me to visualize the goals, and I also have the growth mindset and flexibility that if the circumstances demands to change my goals it will not discourage me. I would opt the same method of SMART goal development because life is unpredictable but we have to be prepared for everything and I am taking this positively.

While about the impact of people around me and their way of behaving, I have found that, even as writing my goals is beneficial, it may not always make me fully engage to these. However, the most efficient way is sharing your goals with another person makes you truly aware of yourself. When I share goals with my family, I feel like I am encouraging myself that I’ll do it and make it a reality. Because it’s in my nature when I am accountable for something I do it more efficiently or try my best to make it happen by all means. so, I would say this fellowship enabled me to make my goals, encouraged me to believe and act on these. I strongly aim to achieve these goals. Ultimately, I will succeed.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” Tony Robbins